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Information for mobile students

Practical information

Practical information for exchange students is available at International Relations Office  and Office for Students' Affairs and. Incoming students are also welcome to contact the University of Warsaw Erasmus Students Network. The ESN helps  exchange students who come to Warsaw to make most of their stay here by offering many opportunities and assistance in every day’s life. One can also find useful information atthe official City of Warsaw's website or other visitors' services:

University of Warsaw  map

University Library – Dobra 56/66  

Most of the Faculties have their own libraries, the list is available here.


Students who need to find accommodation in Warsaw can apply for a place in the University of Warsaw dormitory or guesthouse, or rent an apartment.

As far as renting an apartment is concerned, it is recommended to contact one of the local real estate agents. University of Warsaw encourages its students who are going to spend some time abroad to use services of students home exchange network, so this is also a possible way of finding lodgings in Warsaw.

Cost of living

The cost of living can vary and depends on personal demands and life style. An international student living in Warsaw would need at least 400-450 EUR per month:

  • Accommodation - 100-150 EUR/month (in a dormitory)
  • Meals - 100-150 EUR
  • Books and entertainment - 100 EUR/month
  • Municipal transport - 15 EUR/month
  • Health insurance – 12-15 EUR/month

Average costs of medical procedures at university ambulatories:

  • general practitioner - 25 EUR
  • dentistry - from 25 EUR

Medical facilities

List of Hospitals in Warsaw’s metro area is available here.


Students can buy their meals in cafeterias operating on campus and around. They are located in almost all faculties' buildings, as well as in the Auditorium Maximum and in Pałac Kazimierzowski. In the main campus area there are also many bars, cafés and restaurants.