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Study programmes > All studies > Quantitative Finance > Quantitative Finance, full-time, second cycle programme (w jęz. angielskim)

Quantitative Finance, full-time, second cycle programme (w jęz. angielskim) (NW2-PRK-QF)

(in Polish: Quantitative Finance, niestacjonarne (wieczorowe), drugiego stopnia (w jęz. angielskim))
second cycle programme
full-time, 2-year studies
Language: English

The Quantitative Finance Program at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw is a four-semester program on a full-time basis that provides students with outstanding knowledge of modern quantitative finance. The program leads to 'magister' degree and is compatible with the Bologna system, equivalent to Maters of Arts.

The distinctive feature of this program is that it combines the overall fundamentals of economic theory with specialized knowledge in finance. The basic aim of this specialization is to provide students with theoretical knowledge from the field of quantitative finance combined with its practical applications in financial institutions, taking into account the latest trends in financial world.

The degree combines economic methods, quantitative techniques and state-of-the-art financial analyses to give students a strong background from which to pursue their careers. Students are encouraged to develop their abilities to use economic analysis in a variety of finance-related problems. Significant course work is devoted to the development of mathematical and statistical skills. These skills are necessary to evaluate the uncertain outcomes found in financial applications. The program provides student with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to projects that utilize financial tools and techniques.

Career perspectives

  • Risk Management
  • Financial Engineering
  • Financial Products Development
  • Quantitative Asset Management
  • Macroeconomic and financial forecasting
  • Investment Analysis
  • Derivatives Pricing
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Academic and Industrial Research

Qualification awarded:

Master's degree in Quantitative Finance

Access to further studies:

doctoral school, non-degree postgraduate education

Admission procedures:

Visit the following page for details on admission procedures: https://irk.oferta.uw.edu.pl/