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Information for students

What kind of information can I find on this site?

What kind of information can I find on his site?

This site provides you with the information on

  • Didactic offering of the University (study programmes, course diagrams, syllabi),
  • General information on the University, links to other sites (University authorities, University regulations, resolutions of the University bodies, organizations etc.)
  • Practical information for the students

The ECTS Catalogue is divided into three sections.

The Study programmes section provides information on programmes of study offered at the University of Warsaw. A course diagram leading to detailed course syllabi, constitutes an element of a programme description.

A Course search section may be used when you are looking for courses satisfying the requested criteria . This function will prove very helpful not only in case of Erasmus and Most students, but also when you are looking for specific courses but you do not know which study programmes they are part of.

Information for students section includes information on the University, student organizations, didactic facilities, University campuses and the like, i.e. on everything present and future student of the University would like to know.

Enjoy using the University of Warsaw ECTS catalogue :)