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Social and Public Policy, stacjonarne, pierwszego stopnia (S1-PRK-SPP)

Pierwszego stopnia
Stacjonarne, 3-letnie
Język: angielski

Social and Public Policy

Introducing Social and Public Policy, an innovative 3-year undergraduate degree program designed for students with a strong interest in making a difference in today's world. This full-time program is taught entirely in English. It seeks internationally oriented candidates who are creative, motivated, and ready to embrace a multicultural environment.

The program comprises six semesters with over 20 courses and a diploma seminar to prepare students for their bachelor thesis and individual focus. The first two semesters introduce students to the major concepts and theories of social and public policies. In contrast, the remaining semesters explore designing, implementing, and evaluating policies related to social and public issues.

All courses are taught by experienced academics. The interdisciplinary nature of this program not only introduces students to the workings of Social and Public Policy but also makes them responsive to the concerns of other fields, such as law, economics, history, and culture.

The location of the University of Warsaw provides students with access to a wide range of academic and extra-curricular activities, including open lectures held by renowned professors from around the world. Additionally, students are encouraged to apply for a semester abroad through the Erasmus+ Programme, giving them a global perspective on social and public issues.

Employment prospects

Graduates of this program will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to pursue various career paths in the public and private sectors and in non-governmental and international organizations. They will have a comprehensive understanding of social and public policy and be prepared to work in public policy analysis, public administration, community development, education, and healthcare.

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Warsaw is Poland's oldest and largest political science Center. It has been recognized as the best in the country in various rankings. With its rigorous academic standards and commitment to providing students with a multicultural learning environment, the Social and Public Policy programme at the University of Warsaw offers students a unique and rewarding educational experience.

More information about the programme: click here


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Licencjat na kierunku Social and Public Policy

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