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Study programmes > All studies > Eastern Slavic Studies > Ukrainian studies , Ukrainian studies with russian and english language, full-time, second cycle programme

Ukrainian studies , Ukrainian studies with russian and english language, full-time, second cycle programme (S2-SSW-URA)

(in Polish: Studia nad słowiańszczyzną wschodnią, specjalność: ukrainistyka z językiem rosyjskim i angielskim, stacjonarne, drugiego stopnia)
second cycle programme
full-time, 2-year studies
Language: English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
No description for the programme.

ECTS Coordinators:

Qualification awarded:

Master’s Diploma in Ukrainian Studies with Russian and English Languages

Access to further studies:

doctoral school, non-degree postgraduate education

Learning outcomes

A graduate:
1. has solid and expanded knowledge of the subject and methodological specifics of linguistic sub-disciplines as well as Ukrainian linguistics, including terminology, theories and methodology.
2. is familiar with the advanced terminology used in literary and cultural studies in the field of Ukrainian studies and recognizes the subjet and methodlogical specifics.
3. has solid and structured knowledge of the analysis and interpretation methods of contemporary Ukrainian literature and art, including expertise.
4. can use various research skills, including the analysis of other authors' work, synthesis of different ideas and beliefs, searching for methods and constructing research tools, development and presentation of the results, allowing for the original solutions for the complex problems in the fireld of Ukrainian linguistics.
5. can substantially argue using the results of one's own in-depth and extended research in the field of Ukrainian literature and art, using both the Ukrainian studies achievements and other scientific disciplines; s/he has the ability to formulate critical opinions about the products of culture on the basis of scientific knowledge, experience and presentation of critical studies in different forms and different media.
6. presents substantive arguments, using indivifual views and views of other authors, as well as draws conclusions and creates synthetic summaries.
7. has language skills: C2 in the Ukrainian language, C1 - in English and Russian, including the ability to translate from and into these languages.
8. understands the need for learning throughout life, and is able to inspire and organize the learning process of others.
9. can work in groups, organizations and institutions dealing with the Ukrainian issues taking different roles.

Admission procedures:

Visit the following page for details on admission procedures: https://irk.oferta.uw.edu.pl/