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Study programmes > All studies > Political Science > (in Polish) Graduate Programme in Political Science

(in Polish) Graduate Programme in Political Science (S2-PO-ANG2)

(in Polish: Graduate Programme in Political Science)
second cycle programme
full-time, 2-year studies
Language: English
No description for the programme.

ECTS Coordinators:

Qualification awarded:

Second cycle degree - magister -in political sciences

Access to further studies:

doctoral school, non-degree postgraduate education

Learning outcomes

Has an extended knowledge of substance of political science and its relationship with other fields of studies
Has an extended knowledge of role of human being in the social life and interactions with the nearest social surrounding – from historical and contemporary perspectives
Has an comprehensive knowledge of conditions and forms of participation in social life on different levels
Has an extended knowledge of historical, economic, social and cultural determinants of the political life
Has an extended knowledge of the political, economic and cultural structures as well as their changes
Has a thorough knowledge of rules of functioning of the political systems in comparative perspective as well as other social and political organizations and institution
Has an extended knowledge of democracy, civil society and political culture in Polish, European and world dimensions – from historical and contemporary perspectives
Has a comprehensive knowledge of political thought trends
Has an advanced knowledge of the paradigms of research in political science in comparative perspective
Has a comparative knowledge of different political concepts and social values, patterns and norms
Knows and understands mechanisms of political actions, governing and political decision-making as well as their consequences in different time perspectives
Has a specialist knowledge of subjects of political communication and their relationships
Knows and understands the basic terms and rules in fields of protection of intellectual property and copyright law as well as the need for management of resources of intellectual property

Has the skill in critical observation and interpretation of social and political phenomena of different kind as well as in recognition of their relationship
Has the skill to understand reasons and course of phenomena concerning the political sphere and to predict them by him/herself; is able to do research and explain by him/herself the role of social, economic and cultural structures in contemporary state and world
Can use the theoretical knowledge of political science and related fields of studies in advanced and comprehensive manner in order to analyse and interpret phenomena and processes in politics
Can indicate and explain rules and values of the democratic state as well as civil society; can assess critically the cultural achievements of human being with particular emphasis on the political culture
Can use basic theoretical approaches and use methods and techniques in order to diagnose and predict different political phenomena; can by him/herself formulate research hypotheses
Can in a comprehensive manner indicate different concepts of politics, assess their effectiveness and recognise relationship between politics and communication in public activity historical, economic, social and cultural phenomena and processes
Use the axio-normative systems as well as concrete rules and norms, can indicate their usefulness for typical and untypical professional situations; recognises and analyses the ethic dilemmas
Can by him/herself obtain knowledge and develop professional skills, using different sources (in mother tongue and foreign languages) and modern technologies (ICT)
Has an advanced skill to present his/her own ideas, justify them and confront with ideas of other students and authors in context of different theoretical trends
Can by him/herself and critically analyse and assess the content of media coverage; can use this coverage in public activity
Has comprehensive skills to collect, arrange in a hierarchy and process information as well as prepare typical theses in Polish and foreign languages concerning the detailed issues with use of basic theoretical approaches and different sources
Has developed skills to prepare the speeches in Polish and foreign languages with use of basic theoretical approaches and different sources
Has foreign language skills in political science according to requirements for B2+ level of the European Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Is ready to participate actively in the political life, also in teams that accomplish social, political and civic goals
Is ready to participate in building the institutionalised forms of activity of citizens
Can work in a group, taking different roles
Can define in an appropriate manner priorities that serve carrying out tasks given by him/herself or someone else
Identify and solve correctly dilemmas connected with the working in a profession
Is ready to manage small teams, taking responsibility for his/her work
Can by him/herself and critically complete knowledge and skills, enlarged by the interdisciplinary dimension

Admission procedures:

Visit the following page for details on admission procedures: https://irk.oferta.uw.edu.pl/