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Applied linguistics, full-time, BA programme (S1-LS)

(in Polish: Lingwistyka stosowana, stacjonarne, pierwszego stopnia)
first cycle programme
full-time, 3-year studies
Language: English, German, Polish, Russian, Italian
No description for the programme.

ECTS Coordinators:

Qualification awarded:

Bachelor of arts diploma in applied linguistics in translation of languages for special purposes

Access to further studies:

second cycle programme

Professional status:

Translator/interpreter of specialist texts

Learning outcomes

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1. Key learning outcomes for the programme:
After completing the 1st-cycle programme, graduates:
- have basic knowledge about the language, literature and culture of the areas where the languages they study are spoken; know and understand terminology used in applied linguistics; are able to provide linguistic support to human professional activity;
- know two foreign languages at the C1 level; have extensive and solid vocabulary in various thematic fields; know morphological and syntactic structures; have solid foundations in the grammar of the languages they study; know basic information about the historical development of these systems from the earliest written records until today;
- know basic terminology of linguistics, principles of language communication, are familiar with major directions and methods in linguistic research; understand grammatical terminology; have knowledge of selected pragmatic determinants of given linguistic systems
- know the physical, economic and political geography of the area where their languages B and C are spoken; know major historical processes shaping present-day reality; use the terminology of social sciences in given languages; know the present-day sociopolitical situation in the areas where their languages B and C are spoken;
- know and understand basic theoretical issues regarding language communication with special regard to the linguistic reality of their languages B and C;
- are able to produce coherent and appropriately structured written texts stylistically appropriate for a given addressee in which they develop their views and support them with additional arguments and fitting examples;
- are able to produce coherent and spontaneous oral texts on any topic in two foreign languages speaking fluently and in a stylistically, grammatically and phonetically correct manner;
- are able to translate into their native language and foreign language simple press texts, taking care to eliminate negative transfer from the native language and avoid interference-related errors;
- are able to prepare spoken presentations in Polish and their two languages B and C;
- are ready to work on their own to expand their command of their languages B and C in further education and for professional purposes.
2. Total number of ECTS credits awarded in the programme: 180;
Number of semesters: 6
3. No foreign language teaching specialization
4. Total number of ECTS credits awarded for:
- courses in basic sciences: 11
- practical courses: 77
- elective courses: 152
5. No teaching internship.

Admission procedures:

Visit the following page for details on admission procedures: https://irk.oferta.uw.edu.pl/