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Study programmes > All studies > Geophysics in Geology > Geophysics in Geology, full-time, first cycle programme

Geophysics in Geology, full-time, first cycle programme (S1-GG)

(in Polish: Geofizyka w geologii, stacjonarne, pierwszego stopnia)
first cycle programme
full-time, 3-year studies
Language: Polish
No description for the programme.

ECTS Coordinators:

Qualification awarded:

First cycle degree - licencjat - in Geophysics in Geology

Access to further studies:

second cycle programme

Learning outcomes

University of Warsaw

First cycle programme completion diploma

Field of study: Geophysics in Geology

Duration of programme: 6 semesters
ECTS credits obtained: 180
fundamental sciences courses 134
practical (labs, workshops and
numerical methods) 32
modular courses 56
Professional practice: 3

On completion of the programme of study the graduate:


• Demonstrates thorough knowledge of basic concepts in physics, higher mathematics, geology and mathematical methods used in geophysics

• Demonstrates knowledge of basic IT techniques and numerical methods essential to solve problems in geophysics and related areas, as well as selected programming languages, operating systems and basic software, including selected symbolic packages software and numeric libraries;

• Demonstrates knowledge of basic experimental techniques and principles of operation of basic measurement systems in geophysics, as well as knowledge essential to describe and interpret the results


• Demonstrates ability to apply advanced mathematical tools and mathematical methods of physics to describe and model basic physical and geophysical phenomena and processes;
• Demonstrates ability to use numerical methods, numerical libraries, databases and basic software, including a selected symbolic package
• Demonstrates ability to communicate in English at the level B2 or higher
• Uses critical thinking skills and creativity to analyse the experimental, observational or theoretical analysis results with quantitative interpretation;


• Demonstrates social competences necessary for successful teamwork, assuming different roles, including the leading role
• Acknowledges the necessity of developing acquired knowledge and skills, and is open to self-improvement
• Demonstrates readiness to use scientific literature; prepares and delivers presentations, including presentations in English


Extensive general knowledge and practical skills coupled with creative problem-solving abilities of the students enable them to successfully compete in the job market, including mining industry, prospecting companies of geophysical and geological profiles, water management and education.
Therefore, the students may choose their professional practice venues according to their interests and individual preferences.

On completion of the practice programme the student:

• Creatively uses the acquired competencies to perform a variety of assignments, not limited to the field of physics, geophysics and geology,

• Correctly defines priorities enabling to complete assigned or self-assigned tasks;

• Demonstrates communication and interpersonal skills as a team member assuming different roles.

Course structure diagram:

Abbreviations used in tables:
lect - Lecture
cl - Class
cww - Class-plenary
kint - E-learning course
c - Pass/fail
e - Examination
g - Grading
first semester, first year, Geophysics in GeologyECTSlectclcwwkintexam
Workplace health and safety0.54c
Intellectual property rights - basic course0.54c
Mathematics I14609030e
Physics I e
Physical geologyg
Physics of the Earth's interiore
second semester, first year, Geophysics in GeologyECTSlectclcwwkintexam
Mathematics II149090e
Physics II (for PhBM-PhM & NI)9456015e
Physical geologyg
Physical geologye
Course of field geologyg

Admission procedures:

Visit the following page for details on admission procedures: https://irk.oferta.uw.edu.pl/