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Study programmes > All studies > Foreign Language and Culture Studies > Foreign language and cultural studies, full-time, second cycle

Foreign language and cultural studies, full-time, second cycle (S2-FLKU)

(in Polish: Studia filologiczno-kulturoznawcze, stacjonarne, drugiego stopnia)
second cycle programme
full-time, 2-year studies
Language: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian
No description for the programme.

ECTS Coordinators:

Qualification awarded:

Second cycle degree - magister - in foreign language and cultural studies

Access to further studies:

doctoral school, non-degree postgraduate education

Learning outcomes

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1. thorough knowledge concerning the place of language, literary and cultural studies in the wider context of the Humanities, as well as the particular characteristics of various fields of language and literature studies; ability to apply this knowledge in a creative manner in their professional activities.
2. ability to plan their own research in the field of language and literary studies – particularly with regard to the problem areas, methods, techniques, and research tools – allowing them to act independently and innovatively.
3. keen awareness of the complexity and pluralism of cultures as systems, building on the basis of cultural anthropology.
4. advanced knowledge of the terminology of literary and cultural studies, relevant to the chosen specialisation.
5. ability to critically and effectively choose and apply knowledge of the appropriate subfields of language, literary and cultural studies for communicative, didactic, comparative, and research purposes.
6. ability to independently plan their personal development, specify interests, methods and goals on the basis of the knowledge gained during their studies, which allows for the integration of an interdisciplinary perspective.
7. knowledge of the chosen specialization languages at a C2 level (CEFR).
8. understanding of the need for lifelong learning and conviction as to the necessity of constant personal and professional development; motivating others to pursue lifelong learning.
9. ability to identify the nature of dilemmas, problems and conflicts quickly and accurately, and finding the most efficient solutions to them.
10. unconditional respect for different cultural values, patterns and behaviour, as well as the different viewpoints of other people.

ECTS requirements and number of semesters: 120 ECTS, 4 semesters

The Foreign Language and Cultural Studies Teacher Training Program is in compliance with the articles of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science Regulation no. D20120131 dated 17.01.2012 (Journal of Laws entry: Dz.U. 2012 nr 0 poz. 131).

ECTS point allocation:
Introductory courses: 58 ECTS
Practical Courses: 16 ECTS (Practical Language A and B)
Modular Elective Courses: 58 ECTS

Internships are integrated only into the Teacher Training Programme modules, pursuant the provisions of the D20120131 Regulation.

Admission procedures:

Visit the following page for details on admission procedures: https://irk.oferta.uw.edu.pl/