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Part-time undergraduate payable English Studies (NW1-FLA)

(in Polish: Filologia angielska, niestacjonarne (wieczorowe), pierwszego stopnia)
first cycle programme
full-time, 3-year studies
Language: English

ECTS Coordinators:

Qualification awarded:

First cycle degree - licencjat - English philology

Access to further studies:

second cycle programme

Learning outcomes

1. fundamental understanding of the role of the English Studies and of their place in the Humanities
2. basic knowledge of the terminology used in Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Literary Studies, and Cultural Studies
3. familiarity with the fundamentals of research methods in Linguistics, Literary Studies, and Cultural Studies, in particular in the context of the English-speaking countries
4. basic knowledge about the English Language, its grammar (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics) and its use (pragmatics);
5. basic understanding of the mechanisms involved in the communication process in English, both in writing and speaking
6. basic knowledge about the process of the Second Language Acquisition; in particular, an understanding of the current trends in the SLA that are relevant to English Linguistics
7. basic knowledge of the British and U.S. social structure and government institutions , as well as of the relationships between them
8. basic familiarity with the geopolitical, historical, economic, and cultural issues that concern the English-speaking countries
9. ability to interpret, analyse, structure, synthesize contents and phenomena, and to place them in an appropriate linguistic, cultural, social, historical, and economic context
10. ability to produce concise, coherent, cohesive, and formally accurate utterances in English by adjusting register, vocabulary, and tone to the context of the conversation.

ECTS requirements and number of semesters : 180 ECTS, 6 semesters
The English Studies Teacher Training Programme is in compliance with the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 17 January, 2012.

ECTS point allocation:
Classes in the field of study : 159 ECTS
Practical classes : 39 ECTS (Practical English)
Classes to choose from the curriculum : 60 ECTS

Student practice included in the Teacher Training Programme only, as required by the said Regulation.

Course structure diagram:

Admission procedures:

Visit the following page for details on admission procedures: https://irk.oferta.uw.edu.pl/